If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively, the FAQs below may help answer any queries you have.

We aim to enable consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions by increasing transparency in the supply chain of products available in the UK.

  • How is YouK Score calculated?

For information about the YouK Score, please visit our About page.

  • Is YouK based in the UK?

Yes, we are! We are based on Princes Street, Edinburgh. We have worked closely with our Edinburgh-based software development team, Bad Dinosaur as well as a Yorkshire-based PR team, LRPR.Β YouK also received a Design & Development Grant from Scottish Enterprise.

  • Is YouK politically aligned?

YouK is completely apolitical.

  • Are you paid to include products and brands on YouK?

No. YouK includes any company who use UK inputs, design or manufacture in the UK for no cost to the company or the user. Companies can opt to leverage YouK further by becoming a YouK Partner; this involves offering promotions to users and accessing further commercial tools.Β All companies on YouK will be identified to YouK users as making a positive UK contribution, with at least a 1 Bar YouK Score.

  • Why can’t I find a brand on YouK?

Usually, if a brand is not featured on YouK, it means they have no UK presence. In the rare event that we have missed your brand, please get in touch and we can rectify this!

  • Can I buy items using YouK?

YouK provides links to websites that sell the products and brands listed. You can complete your shopping experience on these pages.