YouK is a private start-up, founded by an IT and Business Development Manager.

The team of some 12 people are all passionate about the promotion of consumer goods made and/or designed in the UK.

The key idea behind YouK is “Localisation”.  For us, localisation means promoting local foods, beverages and resources (such as wool, wood and fish), supporting local design and manufacturing, and reconnecting people with their local environment, to the benefit of everyone in the UK.

What is local? Firstly, local to the UK, then by county, town and farm. Seeking the local options allows us, as consumers, to support local jobs, cut waste and packaging, and reduce fuel burnt in transportation.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide UK consumers with ever wider and deeper information about UK-made consumer goods.
  • To independently assess the UK content using our innovative YouK Scoring System.
  • To rank a user’s search results by their YouK Score, whilst recognising that all brands and goods on YouK make a positive contribution to the UK.
  • To provide all local businesses with a great marketing opportunity.

YouK is free to all users and listing on YouK is free for all companies.

YouK’s proposition to UK businesses is that they will all benefit from Localisation, and that some may benefit from using YouK further:

  • Some companies use Affiliate Marketing schemes, and will pay commission for customers who access their goods via YouK. The ranking of results on YouK by YouK Score will be entirely independent of any such relationship.
  • Some businesses will connect directly with YouK, giving them the ability to manage their information directly and flag promotions.

In the event that YouK is profitable, the company will have a strong charity support policy, which will be made public.

YouK is entirely apolitical.