Our garments and footwear are crafted solely from natural fibres and materials. They are crafted to last a lifetime.” Emma Limn, Celtic & Co.

Celtic & Co was founded in Newquay, Cornwall when Nick and Kath Whitworth began making footwear from British sheepskin for the surfers the area so famously attracts. Nearly 30 years on, Celtic & Co is pioneering slow fashion by handcrafting boots, slippers and flip flops the traditional way, as well as offering a wide range of luxury clothing and soft furnishings, made from only the finest natural fibres.

With their roots set firmly in Cornwall, Celtic & Co take inspiration from the beautiful landscape surrounding them. The tones in their designs complement their natural materials, with pops of colour reflecting trends at the time. Their materials are sustainably sourced; for their sheepskin footwear, Celtic & Co support British farmers by purchasing skins from British sheep, a bi-product of the farming industry which farmers would otherwise be charged to dispose of. For once, the UK’s cold, drizzly weather comes in handy as wool from British sheep is a lot thicker, resulting in a far superior and quality product than boots using skins from abroad.

Ladies’ Sheepskin Bootee Slippers: £69

The use of wool significantly reduces Celtic & Co’s lasting environmental impact as manmade fibres such as acrylic and polyester are oil-based plastics with high environmental impact to the planet, unlike wool which biodegrades fully on the land and in the ocean (Campaign for Wool). Celtic & Co also participate in community projects, having recently supported a local school’s initiative of recycling old wetsuits into book bags and cup holders.

Emma Limn (Press & Social Media Officer) explains that over recent years, Celtic & Co has seen “a rising trend in customers caring about provenance, asking how and where their clothing and footwear is created. People have started to take an interest and ask the right questions, fighting against the mass-made, throw-away fashion industry that’s plaguing retail. People now wish to invest in key looks each season that will last a lifetime and satisfy their consciences.”

Celtic & Co embody the slow fashion movement. They create high quality, natural and ethically-sourced pieces in low quantities and their commitment to manufacturing the majority of their products in Britain not only reduces their carbon footprint, but also supports local communities and preserves traditional manufacturing techniques. With their heritage and expertise, it’s no surprise that the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Kate Humble and Pippa Middleton have been spotted in their own Celtic & Co pieces.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them!

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All images: Celtic & Co

Spokesperson: Emma Limn (Press & Social Media Officer for Celtic & Co)